UMass Lowell

Campus Organizer: Julia Seremba
Phone: 973-444-8196

MASSPIRG is a statewide, student directed and student funded advocacy organization working to win concrete victories on social issues. We work on a range of topics, from alleviating poverty to increasing recycling to educating students about credit debt. Recently, we helped pass policy to invest $700 million in public transportation here in Massachusetts and $3 billion for federal student aid. Last semester we helped convince Subway to commit to serving meat raised without antibiotics. In 2014, we registered over 8,000 students across the state to vote in the mid-term election.

We're able to fight for social change because UMass Lowell students vote every two years to continue our funding through an $11 per student, per semester waivable fee. We pool these resources from our chapters across Massachusetts to hire professional organizers, lawyers, and advocates. Organizers help students on college campuses run local and national campaigns, while lawyers and advocates represent student concerns on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill. 

This semester we are:

  • Promoting 100% renewable energy
  • Making college more affordable for students by lowering textbook costs and stopping cuts to student aid.
  • Protecting our food supply by stopping the use of bee-killing pesticides
  • Alleviating poverty globally and locally.

If you are interested in getting involved, there is an opportunity for you. We also offer internship and leadership positions. Contact us today!

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