UMass Amherst

We meet every Monday evening at 6pm in the Student Union room 413. 

hapter Chair: Julia Seremba,
Chapter Treasurer: Yuval Abraham, 
Chapter Secretary: Chantel Cohen,   

100% Renewable Energy Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mitchell, 
Democracy for the People: Yuval Abraham, 
Hunger and Homelessness: Catalina Arredondo,
Student Debt: Jonothan Lee,
Save the Bees: Gabriela Colmenares,
Campus Organizer:  Sarah Vonck,

MASSPIRG is a statewide, student directed and student funded nonprofit working to win concrete victories on campaigns to protect our environment, our public health, and our consumer rights. For 45 years we have been working to win campaigns for the public interest by engaging students on campus to work on a number of important issues, including hunger and homelessness, climate change, college affordability, and big money in politics.

Some of our accomplishments include:

•  Last year we helped register more than 3,000 students and over the past 8 years we have helped register nearly 10,000 students.

•  Last year we helped pass a statewide bill to lift the cap on solar energy.

•  In 2015, we helped convince McDonald's and Subway to commit to serving meat raised without routine antibiotics.

•  In 2014, we helped to pass the Voter Modernization Act.

•  In 2012, our D.C. advocates prevented student loan interest rates from doubling, saving 7 million students $1,000 each in student debt.

•  In 2012, we participated in the National Hunger Clean Up and raised $45,000 for poverty relief.

This semester, we are working to repower Massachusetts with 100% clean renewable energy. We are also working to get big money out of politics, make textbooks more affordable, and help alleviate hunger and homelessness locally.

We are effective because, since our founding in 1972, we have been funded by an $11 per-student, per-semester waivable fee, which we pool with our 12 other chapters across the state. The combined fees are used to hire a professional staff of researchers, advocates, and organizers to work with students both on and off campus to give students a voice on issues that concern us as citizens. 

Every two years, we ask the student body to reaffirm their support of our advocacy work and vote yes to fund our chapter here through our ballot question in the Student Government Association’s elections. We also take this opportunity to educate students on our organization and our chapter, and to celebrate student control and student power. Make sure to VOTE YES for MASSPIRG in the Student Government elections.

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