We need to improve our election system to make it more efficient and to remove unnecessary barriers to participation. Automatic Voter Registration will do just that.
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MassPIRG launches campaign for spring semester

MassPIRG officially launched four of its campaigns for the spring semester during an event Tuesday evening in the Cape Cod Lounge.

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In Citizens United the Supreme Court handed a giant megaphone to the wealthiest interests, and today, with their ruling in McCutcheon, they’ve turned up the volume even higher. The last thing we need right now is to increase the giving of the donors with the deepest pockets.


In a move which would advance huge reforms for democracy in Massachusetts, the state Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill on Thursday, January 16, to modernize our elections. The bill includes online voter registration, early voting, pre-registration for 16 year-olds, post-election audits of voting machines, Election Day registration, permanent voter registration and inactive voter reform. Legislation to establish early voting and online voter registration passed the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed last year.

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Million Dollar Megaphones

Outside spending by organizations that aggregate unlimited contributions from wealthy individuals and institutions is playing a significant role in the 2012 election cycle, and much of it is not disclosed.

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New Report Details Latest Numbers on Outside Spending, Secret Money and Super PAC Fundraising for 2012 Elections

WASHINGTON – The Top 5 “dark money” spenders on presidential election ads have reported less than 1% of their spending to the FEC, which is all that is required by the agency’s insufficient standards, according to a new report analyzing the latest campaign filings.

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Million-Dollar Megaphones

Latest Numbers on Outside Spending, Secret Money and Super PAC Fundraising for 2012 

This summer we're running voter registration drives at concerts and music festivals across Massachusetts, and we'd love your help.

Let us know if you want to volunteer: sign up here.

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