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News Release | Student PIRGs | Textbooks

College Textbooks: Latest Trends and How to Save Money This Fall

As students across the country prepare to return to campus this fall, textbooks remain one of the priciest items on their shopping lists. However, several new developments suggest the textbooks market may be reaching a turning point. 


Today, college students spoke out to urge Senators to reject the pending student loan deal, which may come up for a vote in the Senate as early as this afternoon.   

News Release | Waste

Westfield Students Finish Public Comment Drive for Zero Waste!

Westfield State students announced the results of their zero waste public comment drive by holding a press conference in the Dining Commons.

News Release | MASSPIRG | New Voters Project

Local Youth Vote Campaign Launched Final Push To Get Out The Vote

In an election cycle filled with talk of every single vote counting, students at MASSPIRG campus chapters around the state launched a final campaign push, employing proven tactics to mobilize young voters to the polls.  Using on-the-ground and on-line strategies, campaign volunteers will reach their peers in classrooms, on computers and campus quads and urge them to cast a ballot.

News Release | MASSPIRG | New Voters Project

Youth Vote Increases at Local Student Precincts in Massachusetts

[Amherst, MA] According to preliminary results provided by local elections officials, several University of Massachusetts Amherst campus precincts showed significant increases in turnout over the previous national election.  Precinct 3, for instance showed a 29 percent increase, Precinct 4 showed a 21 percent increase and Precinct 5 showed a 27 percent increase over 2008.


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