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Majority of legislators back transition to 100% renewable energy by 2045

A majority of state legislators have endorsed bills to transition Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

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Student PIRGs Partners Environment America, Students And Faculty To Urge Colleges And Universities To Shift To 100 Percent Clean, Renewable Power

BOSTON — The Student PIRGs and Environment America, along with students across the country, will launch 50 campaigns in 15 states this year, imploring colleges and universities to generate 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.


News Release | Student PIRGs

McDonald’s Takes Step to Protect Public Health

CHICAGO: Today, McDonald’s released a new policy to restrict medically important antibiotic use in its beef supply chain.  The company says it will immediately start measuring and assessing antibiotic use in its top ten beef sourcing markets. Then, by the end of 2020. McDonald’s plans to set targets for lower use of medically-important antibiotics. 

News Release | MASSPIRG Students

Students turn historic interest into historic youth turnout in midterm elections

BOSTON -- MASSPIRG’s campus chapters around the state helped young people in Massachusetts turn out in historically high numbers relative to previous elections to vote in yesterday’s midterm elections.

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Today, Congress set aside $5 million to renew the Open Textbook Pilot program for FY19, which gives grants to colleges and universities to promote adoption of free and open textbooks by professors. The program could save students up to $50 million!


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