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Media Hit | Transit

UMD rally-goers push for better public transit

DARTMOUTH — Calling for better public transit in Massachusetts, about 20 people turned out for the Step Up for Public Transportation rally at UMass Dartmouth Thursday night

Media Hit | Transit

Campus Goes Green for Public Transportation

Salem, MA – In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, Salem State students gathered on campus this month to urge Massachusetts to “Go Green for Public Transportation.”

130,000 Letters Tell Congress: Don't Double Student Loan Debt

Without a new plan, the average subsidized Stafford loan borrower will pay $2,800 more by the time they repay their loans. The most needy students will pay a crushing $5,000 more on their student loan than they otherwise would.

Media Hit | Transit

Un-Fare Hikes

The Mass Media, UMass Boston's independent student newspaper, talks with MASSPIRG Chapter Chair, Hannah Hutchinson, on the MBTA fare hikes and service cuts.

Media Hit | Oceans

Plastic Bags Threaten SouthCoast Waters

Andrew White talks about why we need to Ban the Bag in Massachusetts—especially on the SouthCoast, where residents take pride in their beautiful beaches and commercial fishing is vital to the economy.


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