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After bottle bill defeat, food groups back recycling effort

BOSTON — The food and beverage groups that lobbied to block an expanded bottle deposit law announced a new pro-recycling initiative on Wednesday, saying they would put $533,000 behind a two-year pilot program.

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The widely popular move to update the Massachusetts Bottle Bill (H890 in the House, S1650 in the Senate) has been dealt another blow by the powerful committee in whose hands the measure’s fate resides. The bill, which would update the decades-old recycling program to require deposits on non-carbonated beverages such as juices, coffee beverages and bottled water, has once again been sent out for “further study” by the Joint Committee on Telecom, Utilities and Energy.

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Debit Cards on Campus

Given the history of shady dealings between banks and colleges, Congress needs to take a hard look at the increasingly common practice of schools contracting with banks to disburse financial aiddollars to students.

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Bottle bill expansion sidetracked on Beacon Hill

BOSTON —Supporters of expanding the bottle bill to cover more types of beverages were outraged by a committee vote yesterdaymorning that will likely torpedo the proposal until next January, when the next legislative session begins.



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