Campus Internships

Get involved in your community, develop leadership skills, meet new people, and make a difference on social issues that matter.

 As an intern, you will be a leader within a campaign team. In many cases, you will receive course credit for your work.


Advocate for 100% Clean Renewable Energy in Massachusetts - 
Do local advocacy, grassroots organizing and media work to work towards a 100% clean renewable energy future in Massachusetts

Make Textbooks Affordable - 
Work with faculty members, librarians, and administrators about using free open-textbooks to save students thousands of dollars. 

Fight Poverty in your Community - Organize service trips and fundraisers for a local poverty relief agency.

Save the Bees - Do grassroots organizing and media work to convince the stop the use of pesticides that are killing bees and threatening our food supply.

Run your own local project to tackle a public interest issue in your community!


 Communication Skills

  • Improve your public speaking and one-on-one meeting skills. 
  • Polish your writing skills.
  • Learn how to collaborate with media outlets.

 Campaign Skills

Learn the basics of running a campaign:

  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Generate grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls)
  • Build coalitions
  • Organize large events
  • Learn campaign strategies 

Leadership Skills

  • Run meetings
  • Work with teams
  • Plan large events
  • Develop other leaders
  • Manage volunteers
  • Delegate responsibilities and manage your time