Holyoke Community College

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 To find out about upcoming meetings on campus, please contact the chapter chair or campus organizer.

Campus Organizer: Aaron Albrecht
E-mail: aalbrecht@masspirgstudents.org

Chapter Leadership:
Gabriel CiFuentes
Jalyssa Arline

MASSPIRG is a statewide, student directed and student funded nonprofit working to win concrete victories on social issues. We work on a range of issues to protect public heath, the environment and consumers. Some examples inclue, working to alleviating poverty, energy efficiency through solar energy and making college more affordable. Just recently, our advocates in DC stopped the doubling of student load interest rates. While here in Massachusetts, over the past four years, we have have registered over 20,000 students to vote!

The thing that makes us so effective is that students here at Holyoke Community College voted to fund MASSPIRG through an $9 per student, per semester waivable fee. We pool these resources statewide to hire professional staff like lawyers, advocates, and organizers. We work together to run local and statewide campaigns, and they fight on behalf of the students full-time where key decisions are being made on Beacon Hill and in Washington DC.

This semester, our priority campaign is to repower Massachusetts with 100% clean renewable energy!