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MASSPIRG is a statewide student-directed and student-funded advocacy group working to protect the environment, make college more affordable, and help turn out students to vote. We work locally on college campuses, and have professional staff, like organizers, advocates, and lobbyists in Boston and DC, who work with us to make tangible change. We bring issues that happen in the real world to college students so they don’t have to wait until graduation to make a difference.

Why is MASSPIRG beneficial for Fitchburg State students?

We want Fitchburg students to have the opportunity to be engaged citizens and realize their dreams. We think that having our voices heard in the broader political process – by voting in elections, signing petitions for causes we care about, and gaining tangible leadership skills helps to fulfill this mission. MASSPIRG offers internships on campus that offer students hands-on training in a variety of skill sets that include public speaking, formal writing, planning events, and working collaboratively with other students and members of the government. Our campaigns educate and engage students in current events and civics.

How is MASSPIRG funded:

We are funded by students through a $9 per-student, per-semester waivable fee that appears on your tuition bill. Students first voted to form and fund our chapter in 1982. We pool those resources with other chapters across the state and hire professional staff who work alongside us to advocate on our behalf, run strategic grassroots campaigns, and win reforms that help improve the quality of life for everyone. Students make the decisions on what campaigns we run, who represents us at the statewide level, and it’s open to all students. The student body at large has the opportunity to reaffirm their support of funding their own advocacy group every few years. Here at Fitchburg State, students have voted affirmatively to fund our MASSPIRG Chapter for the past 35 years.


  • Affordable College: In 2019, PIRG students & our D.C. based advocates lobbied Congress to allocate $7 million for open textbooks. This federal grant program is in its third year and is estimated to have saved students $170 million. PIRG also worked to pass the FUTURE Act, which simplifies federal student aid and loan repayment. On campus, we’re working with the librarians, SGA, and faculty to increase the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that are high-quality, easy-to-access, affordable textbooks and class materials.
  • Increasing civic engagement: We are the largest and most diverse generation alive, and we need to vote to have our voices heard. Since 2008, MASSPIRG has helped over 40,000 students register to vote across the state, including 1600 students here at Fitchburg State. We help to increase youth voting by engaging people face to face, right on college campuses. We helped register over 100 students for the 2020 Presidential Primary, made over 400 voter contacts before Super Tuesday, and co-hosted a Results Watch Party in the FalconHub that was attended by all of our local and state elected officials and 100 attendees. We partnered with SGA, FAB, Res Life, Greek Life, the Poli Sci Department, and the Office of Student Life on our efforts this year, and we plan to continue this coalition into the fall.
  • Supporting students with basic needs: MASSPIRG has been working to alleviate hunger and homelessness for decades. During Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week this year, we partnered with the Office of Student Development to raise over $200 and donated over 330 food and necessity items for the Falcon Bazaar.
  • Fighting Climate Change: We’re working to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and reverse the worst impacts of climate change. In 2008, we helped to pass the Global Warming Solutions Act in MA which helped us set goals to reduce our carbon emissions which we’re on track to hit. We launched our 100% renewable energy campaign back in 2016 and last spring we helped pass the S.9 Climate Roadmap bill that increased offshore wind! Now we’re working to pass the 100% Clean Act, to commit MA to 100% clean energy. Here at Fitchburg State, we’ve gathered 300 signatures from students in support of the bill and lobbied our local Representative Kushmerek to co-sponsor the bill!

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“Since 1982, the Fitchburg State University PIRG Chapter has been empowering students to take action, making their voices more powerful on campus, at the State House and in Washington, DC. I’m thankful to partner with the FSU MASSPIRG Chapter to move vital legislation forward, including tackling climate change and making public higher education more affordable and accessible.” – State Representative Natalie Higgins

“At a time of accelerating climate change and threats to the environment and biodiversity, Fitchburg State’s MASSPIRG chapter helps organize at the grassroots level to work to ensure a stable climate and healthy environment. I applaud the work that MASSPIRG has done and will continue to do.” Professor Benjamin Lieberman Economics, History, and Political Science at Fitchburg State University

MASSPIRG plays a vital role promoting issues that benefit students. Their civic engagement helps make a more just and healthier world.” – Dr. Michael Hove, Professor of Psychology at Fitchburg State

“I got involved because all throughout high school I worked with food pantries and other organizations that helped those in need. Being able to run my own events right here on campus allowed me to provide the same services while at college. The experience gave me more insight into how to approach the cause and make connections with people in order to open their minds to the issues we see all around us.” – Emily Vitale, second year Psychology major

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