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Campus Organizer: Max Ciarlone
Telephone: 803-521-1218

MASSPIRG is a statewide, student directed and student funded nonprofit working to win concrete victories on social issues. We work on a range of topics, from alleviating poverty to increasing recycling to educating students about credit debt. Recently, we helped pass policy to invest $700 million in public transportation here in Massachusetts and $3 billion for federal student aid and got fast food restaurants like Subway to stop the sales of meat raised with antibiotics. Last semester we registered over 6,000 students to vote in the general election.

The thing that makes us so effective is that students here voted to fund MASSPIRG through a $9 per student, per semester waivable fee. We pool these resources statewide to hire professional staff like lawyers, advocates, and organizers. We work together to run local and statewide campaigns, and they fight on behalf of the students full-time where key decisions are being made on Beacon Hill and in Washington DC.

This semester, we are working on getting Massachusetts to commit to go 100% renewable energy. We are also working to stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms, make textbooks cheaper for students, and help alleviate hunger and homelessness in the community.


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