Campus Organizer: Molly Callahan, [email protected]

Student Leadership:
Olivia Houle, [email protected]
Ashley Green, [email protected]


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The UMass Lowell MASSPIRG Chapter began in 1978. For over 40 years, we’ve been organizing students on our campus to play an active role in making our society a better place by running local, statewide, and national campaigns on issues that affect us as students and citizens.

Recently, we’ve been working get our campus to be a leader in fighting climate change by committing to get 100 percent of our energy from clean, safe, renewable sources. You may also know us from our New Voters Project, our non-partisan youth voter mobilization effort to help first time voters have the tools they need to get registered and turn out to vote. In the 2018 elections we helped register over 600 students to vote and saw a 82% increase at the student-heavy polling location near campus since the 2016 presidential  elections. We are also running campaigns to save the bees by making UMass Lowell a bee-friendly campus, and stop the overuse of antibiotics by convincing fast food chains to change their practices.

We are able to do all this because students here at UMass Lowell have voted for the past 46 years to have a MASSPIRG chapter, funded through an $11 waive-able fee that appears on the tuition bill. This money, pooled together with students from all across the state, allows us to have a much bigger impact on these issues at the state and national level, by hiring advocates, lawyers, organizers, and experts to help us run effective campaigns and have a much stronger voice where decisions are made.

Current Campaigns:

Hunger and Homelessness: No student who attends school should be going hungry. Here at UML, we are working to make sure students have resources, both on campus and off. We are working to not only advertise where students can get resources to meet their needs, but also organizing efforts to increase the resources available.

New Voters Project: Young people are the largest and most diverse generation of eligible voters alive right now, with our own range of values, ideas, and issues that are unique to us. We have the potential to make a huge impact on elections, but only if we vote! That’s why we’re working to make sure every eligible student at UMass Boston has the resources needed to register to vote, make a plan to vote, and cast their ballot on or before Election Day. For more information, check out the UMass Lowell Voter Coalition and #UMassVotes Campaign websites.

Environmental Campaigns: As young people who are looking ahead to our futures, we know an important part of a bright future to look forward to is making sure our planet is healthy, and that we minimize our negative impact! We’ll continue to do work to minimize waste, increase renewable energy used on our campus and statewide, and protect important parts of our ecosystems, like bees!

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