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The MASSPIRG Chapter at UMass Dartmouth started in 1974. MASSPIRG is a statewide, student-directed, student funded, non-profit, non-partisan organization which does research, education, service, and action on environmental, consumer, higher education, and hunger relief issues. The campaigns we are working on include: New Voters Project, Commit the Campus to 100% Renewable Energy, Save the Bees, Affordable Textbooks, and End Hunger and Homelessness.

We are able to do all this because students here at UMassD vote to keep the chapter on campus and fund it through a $9 waivable fee that appears on the tuition bill. This money, pooled together with students from all across the state, allows us to have a much bigger impact on these issues at the state and national level, by hiring advocates, lawyers, organizers, and experts to help us run effective campaigns and have a much stronger voice where the decisions are actually being made


Learn more about the MASSPIRG Fee at UMass Dartmouth here!

Current Campaigns:

  • New Voters Project:
    • We know students represent the largest demographic of potential voters but have historically been the least civically engaged. Our chapter is looking to fix that by working with our UMassD Votes coalition to register 1,200 students and make 2,500 GOTV contacts at least! Through educational events, working with Res Life, and getting support from the Chancellor, we know we can ensure every Corsair has their voice heard
  • 100% Renewable Energy
    • As climate change continues to pose one of the greatest threats to our world, and our reliance on fossil fuels being the chief cause, our students are taking a proactive step to end this crisis. Our solution: phase out fossil fuels entirely and instead re-power our lives with 100% clean, renewable energy. Whether that is helping our campus make clear goals to hit their Zero Carbon commitment, work with the city of New Bedford to make a 100% commitment, or helping pass the Act for 100% RE in MA, there are so many things we want and need to do to ensure a healthy future.
  • Hunger and Homelessess
    • Bristol County is one of the poorest in the state of MA. And with New Bedford and Fall River still reeling from the loss of manufacturing, our community sees the threat hunger and homelessness pose. Our H&H campaign is determined to provide for those in need, either through fundraising, service trips, or working legislatively so those in need are given the help they require.
  • Affordable Textbooks
    • Who has spent too much on textbooks? Oh, you have? Yeah, that’s not right! The cost of textbooks has risen 3x the rate of inflation in the last decade, more than almost every other good or service. That’s because there is a near-monopoly on the textbooks industry and new “innovations” like access codes that make you pay to take tests or just do your homework. Our students in this campaign are committed to making college more affordable and accessible to more students by educating faculty about open textbooks that are free to use and helping them implement it in their classrooms. 
  • No Bees No Food
    • Whether it’s the chocolates for your mom, the apples you went picking for as a kid, or the flowers you see in the spring, we need bees for so much of our food (and enjoyment). In fact bees pollinate over 70% of the world’s most common crops! But, some bees’ populations are declining by almost 30% every year. That puts our food, and our lives, at risk. One of the main culprits is a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids. Our Save the Bees team is working to pass policy to ban the most common uses of this pesticide as well as educate our campus about the importance of bees and strive to become a Bee Friendly Certified Campus.

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