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Ellison Campus Center, Student Organizations Suite (Lower Level)

Who We Are:

The MASSPIRG chapter at Salem State operates more like a family than a traditional campus club. We have built genuine connections with each other founded in our mutual wish to fight for the rights of the people around us. Since the 1970’s the chapter here at Salem State University has been fighting for the people both on and off campus.

One of our most notable campaigns is our New Voters Project, which focuses on youth voter mobilization. During the 2016 Presidential Election, we helped register over 530 Salem State Students to vote and worked to establish a civically engaged student body. In this past 2018 Midterm Election, we registered 635 Salem State Students and saw a 73% increase in the turnout to our on-campus polling location. Over the past 10 years, we have registered 3,957 Salem State Students to Vote. Even more important than the specific numbers is the culture of political awareness that we have continued to nurture on campus.

While the list of issues we can work on continues to grow we can take pride in the fact that change has been made at Salem State due to our efforts. We choose to work with the University and other organizations to make the most impact on our community and have found that this system of cooperation works. We celebrate the fact that our Dunkin Donuts was among one of the first to transition from Polystyrene cups to a more sustainable option. Each time we go to the grocery store in Salem we can smile at the lack of Plastic bags present, knowing that we helped achieve that feat.  We look forward to meeting any and all who want to help us fight for our community and appreciate your support.

Read more about the MASSPIRG fee at Salem State University here!

Current Campaigns:

  • 100% Renewable Energy: Climate change is threatening our entire way of life, and a primary cause is the continued use of fossil fuels. But we can make the switch to clean, renewable sources of energy like wind and solar! That’s why we’re pushing to pass the 100% Clean Act through the state legislature this legislative session! We can commit Massachusetts to 100% clean electricity by 2035 and 100% clean electricity by 2045! 

  • Make Textbooks More Affordable: College is expensive, and the skyrocketing costs of textbooks and course materials are restricting students’ access to education even further. That’s why we’re raising awareness of Open Education Resources (OER), low-cost (or even free) alternatives to textbooks. We’re educating both professors and students about OER and mobilizing students against the rise of expensive access codes and other initiatives running up costs for students.

  • Hunger & Homelessness: No student should have to worry about where their next meal will come from or where they’ll sleep at night, but the COVID-19 has made this a reality for many students. We’re working with Salem State University to raise resources to combat food and housing insecurity in the Salem community.

Chapter Leadership:

Sierra Dearns // Chapter Chair and Social Media Coordinator // Class of 2024 // Email

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