Chapter Leadership:

New Voters Project Campaign Coordinator: Zach Turner- [email protected]

Chapter Meetings:

Thursdays at 2:00 PM

Who We Are:

Berkshire Community College’s chapter of MASSPIRG is adding new energy to its campaigns this semester by getting more students involved. Our Save the Bees campaign has seen success in bringing the campus together in opposition to the use of toxic pesticides that kill pollinators and to make BCC a certified Bee Friendly campus. Student activism has a long history at BCC, and our chapter here continues to grow.

MASSPIRG at BCC is working for local, state, and national level social change through a wide breadth of programs, including transitioning to Open Educational Resources, diminishing campus waste, and incorporating renewable sources of energy. Many students feel passionate about these issues, and MASSPIRG at BCC expects to achieve great results this semester and in the years to come.

Learn more about the MASSPIRG fee at Berkshire Community College here!

Current Campaigns:

New Voters Project:
We know students represent the largest demographic of potential voters but have historically been the least civically engaged. Our chapter is looking to fix that! This fall we’ll be working with the Student Government, faculty and admin to register students to vote and get out the vote for the November 2020 elections.
Zero Waste:
In collaboration with the Green Team on campus, we’re working to reduce waste and divert as much trash as possible from landfills through composting and recycling efforts. We have also set up a work study where students can help sort waste in the cafeteria and educate the campus community on how to properly dispose of waste. We would like to continue these efforts with new initiatives that can further our vision of a cleaner future!
Make Textbooks Affordable:
This semester we’ll be working the library to expand student knowledge about the resources the library currently has! We’ll be doing faculty outreach to better understand how these resources are being used on campus and ways to help professors increase their use of open access resources. In addition, we’re hoping to host forums, panels, webinars or other events in an effort to educate the campus community.

Connect With Us:

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