State Adopts New Regulations to Protect Pollinators

A coalition of beekeepers, public health, farming and environmental advocacy organizations applauded today’s action of the Massachusetts Pesticide Board Subcommittee to protect pollinators by restricting the use of the harmful class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, or “neonics”.

“Being Revolutionary”

Kaitlyn Mitchell said no to being an activist before she said yes. In fact, even after she said yes, she quit a couple of times. But each time she came back. Why? Perhaps, it was her political and community-minded upbringing.… Read more

MASSPIRG launches ‘Waste is Out of Fashion’ campaign

To address the huge amount of clothing that is wasted and turned into environmental pollution each year, MASSPIRG partnered with U.S. PIRG to launch a campaign on Tuesday calling on states to hold the industry accountable for its overproduction and ban the destruction of overstock.

Massachusetts groups urge Whole Foods: Reduce Plastic Packaging

MASSPIRG Education Fund, MASSPIRG Students, Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center, and other nonprofits launched a campaign on Tuesday calling on Whole Foods to change its practices on plastic packaging. The groups’ decision comes after the supermarket chain received an “F” for its policies on single-use plastic packaging.