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Welcome Back to Campus!


Welcome back to campus! I hope you're ready for another great semester at MCLA. This semester, our lead campaign is to stop the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms.

The of antibiotics is creating superbugs which can create illnesses that can't be cured. Yet 70% of antibiotics on factory farms are given to livestock, often to animals that aren't even sick. This increases the risk that antibiotics won't work the next time you or I get sick.

To make sure that doesn't happen, we need the restaurants that buy from factory farms to call for change!

Recently, MASSPIRG helped convince McDonald's to stop serving chicken raised on these lifesaving medicines. Now, we're calling on Subway, the world's largest restaurant chain, to do the same with all of their meat. Once they do, others will follow and we can protect our antibiotics for generations to come!

So get involved on campus and help us win this campaign!