Bigger Better Bottle Bill Campaign

Bottle Bill goes on tour!

By UMass Dartmouth

This morning, MASSPIRG staff and students met at the Secretary of State’s office in Boston to deliver over 130,000 signatures in support of updating the most effective recycling program in Massachusetts.

This is by far the largest display of citizen support for putting the 5-cent deposit on all types of beverage containers effectively eliminating 1 billion bottles from our waste stream. Now it’s time to hit the campaign trail…

Bottle Bill is going on tour!

Bottle Bill will be traveling across the state next semester to reinforce his commitment to increase recycling and eliminate over 1 billion bottles from our waste stream. He knows that the power of his campaign will come from the same grassroots public support that got him turned into a bill back in the 80s.

During the tour, Bottle Bill will hold press events with sustainability directors, campus environmental group leaders, and local town officials.

His Campaign Coordinators will:

  • Organize on-campus visibility events to advertise the tour
  • Plan the logistics of the tour stop at their campuses
  • Work with campus bloggers and local papers to cover every stop on the tour
  • Set-up and attend meetings with our legislators to deliver our message and reinforce the public support we build throughout the tour

We’ve gathered tens of thousands of signatures, knocked on doors across the state, and packed legislative hearings with over 300 people. But taking this issue to the ballot is a big deal. We’ll need hundreds of people across the state to be a part of the next steps in the campaign. 

Join me on the campaign trail next semester and, together, we’ll help get Bottle Bill updated in 2014!