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Massachusetts has one of the most effective recycling programs in the country but it doesn't go far enough. The current Bottle Bill- the five cent deposit on beer and soda bottles-doesn't cover water, juice or sports drinks. Eighty percent of the bottles with the deposit are recycled or redeemed whereas only 20% without the deposit are recycled. We know the deposit works. But big business and liquor lobbyists have been blocking the updated Bottle Bill for over a decade, so we've decided enough is enough and we're taking the issue to the people!

This fall we're collecting over 100,000 citizen signatures to qualify for the 2014 ballot. This will be the largest student run field operation in the state this year. It was students who helped pass the original Bottle Bill back in the 80s and we can do it again. Come join MASSPIRG at UMass Boston and together we will collect 3,000 petition signatures, raise awareness about the need for the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, and give the public the choice to increase recycling in Massachusetts.