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Every year we throw away 1 billion beverage containers, that's enough to fill Fenway Park past the bleachers.  But we have one of the most effective recycling programs in the country, the Bottle Bill, the 5-cent deposit on beer and soda bottles.  Unfortunately it doesn't include water, juice, and sports drinks, so MASSPIRG is working to pass a Bigger Better Bottle Bill that includes these containers.  Big business and liquor lobbyists have blocked this pro-recycling bill in the legislature for the past decade.  We can't wait any longer, so we're taking this issue to the people.  This fall we're collecting 100,000 citizen petition signatures across the state to qualify for the 2014 ballot.  It will be one of the largest student-led political operations in the state this year.  I'm so excited to help make history this fall.