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There is a clear overuse of finite sources, known as fossil fuels, being used worldwide at a rapid rate. The impacts go as far back as the peak in the industrial revolution that relied on these energy sources, and have created an economic system that works around the abuse of our one home, earth.

And as we know the daunting environmental effects the use of fossil fuels have on the environment and atmosphere, there is a major need for change. With the reliance on these finite sources of energy, we are headed for environmental disaster by 2060.

With the 100% Clean Act, bill HD 3551, there is a proposition to move Massachusetts in the right direction. With a commitment to use only renewable energy sources by 2050, we can begin to work on unworking the devastating effects caused by the excess use of fossil fuels. With other states such as New York and Maine committing to similar plans of action, we can commit ourselves, and those we love, to a greener future.

This semester, me and a team of fellow interns and volunteers across campus have been working tenaciously to commit 10,000 students across college campuses in Massachusetts to making sure this bill has a tentative standing in this legislative session. My team and I have been making efforts to commit 100 co-sponsors in office to this bill, and have been meeting with legislators like State Rep. Ken Gordon to work on the progress and future for this bill.

Sophie Copley


Copley is a student at Middlesex Community College

This letter to the editor was originally published in the Lowell Sun and can be viewed here.