Reflections for the 100th Day of the Year

Media Hit | Reporter Today

The economy might be on hold with the situation surrounding COVID-19, but it’s not an excuse for our environment to go unprotected. Soon after America emerges from this pandemic, people will be returning to work and America will be resuming daily life. What kind of life will that be if we continue to ignore using clean energy? Fighting climate change is just as important as it was before this outbreak. We can get it done together with clean energy.

Close your eyes and imagine a state with the potential to run solely off of renewable energy. Now open your eyes and look around! Right here at home, we’ve got the potential to go completely green in the near future. Massachusetts is poised to be able to go green by 2045. Our home is prime real estate for offshore wind, being able to power our state 19 times over. Considering the cost reduction in solar panels too, now it’s more affordable than ever to make your own energy and help fight climate change.

The Massachusetts State Legislature has a bill in committee right now to make a commitment to 100% renewable energy statewide. It’s ambitious, but possible. I understand coronavirus and protecting public health being the priority for our elected officials. But there is still plenty we can do to protect the environment despite the crisis we’re facing. You can join the conversation online and show your support by using the hashtag, “#go100ma” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Jonathan Field