Our Leadership

Ethan Senack

Higher Education Advocate
202-546-9707 x321
Working to make textbooks more affordable, keep debt repayment manageable, and protect student consumers.

Nicole Hamilton

State Board Treasurer
Nicole is the MASSPIRG Students State Board Treasurer and a sophomore at UMASS Boston where she studies Environmental Studies.

Hilary Hebert

State Board Clerk
Hilary is the MASSPIRG Student State Board Clerk and a senior at Salem State where she studies Political Science.

Hannah Hutchinson

State Board Chair
Hannah is the MASSPIRG Students State Board Chair and a senior at UMASS Boston where she studies English.

Sarah Mitnick

Assistant Organizing Director
Sarah Mitnick is the MASSPIRG Assistant Organizing Director and works with staff and campus chapters across Massachusetts.

Abe Scarr

Organizing Director
Abe Scarr is the Organizing Director for the MASSPIRG Student Chapters, overseeing the staff and program work on MASSPIRG’s seventeen campus chapters.

Ed Mierzwinski

National Consumer Program Director
202-546-9707 x314
Ed Mierzwinski is the national Consumer Program Director.