McCutcheon Supreme Court Ruling - More big money in politics

The Projected Impact of Striking Aggregate Contribution Limits
Released by: MASSPIRG Students

The Supreme Court considered a challenge to aggregate contribution limits in a case called McCutcheon v. FEC. The current limit on what one person may contribute to all federal candidates, parties and PACs is $123,200. Absent this limit, one wealthy donor would be permitted to contribute more than $3.5 million to a single party’s candidates and party committees (plus a virtually unlimited amount to supportive PACs).

Under current case law, the Supreme Court should uphold aggregate contribution limits as a decades-old protection against corruption, the appearance of corruption, and circumvention of base contribution limits.

But the Roberts Court ruled to toss precedent aside to gut campaign finance laws yet again. This report outlines what the practical effect could be given the Court's decision to strike a federal contribution limit for the first time.

Elizabeth Ridlington and Miles Unterreiner of Frontier Group and Robert Hiltonsmith of Demos helped with data analysis for this report.