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News Release | MASSPIRG | Waste

CRI Releases New Report, “Returning to Work: Understanding the Domestic Jobs Impacts from Different Methods of Recycling Beverage Containers”

CRI's new report finds that more recycling means more jobs. Programs like the Bottle Bill lead to much higher recycling rates than curbside recycling alone, which translates to tens of thousands of more jobs.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Consumer Protection

Trouble in Toyland

Our 26th annual Trouble in Toyland survey finds toxic, dangerous toys still on store shelves.

News Release | MASSPIRG | Transit

Common Connections

MASSPIRG's report on transportation highlights college students' and senior citizens' shared needs for dependable public transit.

News Release | US PIRG | Higher Ed

Obama Announces Initiatives to Ease Student Loan Debt

Rich Williams, US PIRG's Higher Education advocate, explains why President Obama's new student loan reforms are a step in the right direction and a decisive victory for champions of affordable higher education.

News Release | US PIRG | Foods

Ag Subsidies Pay for 19 Twinkies per Taxpayer, But Only a Quarter of an Apple Apiece

US PIRG's Apples to Twinkies report finds that billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies to Big Agribusiness favor junk food ingredients over fresh, healthy produce.


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