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FSU students take aim at trash burning

FITCHBURG -- Fitchburg State University students Thursday rallied for a change in state trash-burning policy.

States lose $40b in revenue to offshore tax havens, MASSPIRG study says

While the debate over offshore tax loopholes generally takes a national focus, a consumer advocacy group is reporting that states lose nearly $40 billion a year in tax revenues to companies and wealthy people who shelter money abroad.

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UMass students jam Amherst precincts, many voting for first time

More than 1,100 UMass students had turned out to cast ballots by 3 p.m. in precincts 4 and 10, said Lucas Gutterman of MassPIRG. 

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MASSPIRG new voters project

University of Massachusetts students looking to step up to the ballot box for the first time will have the help of MASSPIRG’s New Voters Project.

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Senate OK of bottle bill is step in right direction

Robert Hedlund, Republican of Weymouth, deserves our hearty thanks for finally getting a vote on the updated bottle bill in the Massachusetts Senate (“Bottle bill gains OK in Mass. Senate,” Metro, July 21). It has been stalled in the Legislature for 14 years despite widespread support.


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