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Lowell Sun
Hannah Ramos

As a college student, it is difficult to ignore political issues that have a direct effect on our lives. An obvious example of this is the Occupy Wall Street movement. Everyone can agree that its main objective is to speak for the 99 percent who include everyone but Wall Street moguls. I support the movement, but I'm concerned that other widely supported bills are being ignored.

One issue that has fallen by the wayside is the effort to update the Bottle Bill. The updated bill is supported by 77 percent of the Massachusetts public. The bill was last updated in the 1980s. About 80 percent of the bottles with a 5-cent deposit get recycled. Unfortunately water, sports drink and juice bottles are not redeemable, so many of them end up in landfills or on our parks and streets. This seems to be an obvious issue to resolve, but the updated Bottle Bill remains stuck in legislative committee.

Urging legislative members to move the Bottle Bill out of committee so it can be voted on and passed is a simple way of getting the public's voice heard without having to protest in the streets.