21st Century Transportation

It’s time we had 21st century transportation in Massachusetts

From high speed rail to mass transit, it’s time for us to get on the right track.  Bay Staters all want a safe, clean transportation system that lets us all get where we need to go – but our current system just isn’t working.  As a country, our reliance on cars and planes to get from point A to point B means our transportation system consumes more oil than the whole economy of every other country in the world except for China, and we import most of that from foreign countries.   Our tailpipe emissions account for a third of the nation’s global warming emissions, pollute the air we breathe and make people sick.

We're at a critical moment for public transportation in Massachussetts.  Boston and much of the surrounding area is facing fare hikes and services cuts: we'll be paying more for less.  At the same time our public transportation needs extend across the state, from the Berkshires to the South Coast.

This spring, we'll be mobalizing students and community members againts the proposed fare hikes and service cuts, while also keeping up the drum-beat accross the state that all of Massachussets needs quality public transportation options.

Issue updates

Media Hit | Transit

Un-Fare Hikes

The Mass Media, UMass Boston's independent student newspaper, talks with MASSPIRG Chapter Chair, Hannah Hutchinson, on the MBTA fare hikes and service cuts.

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Blog Post | Transit

What Does the T mean to UMB? | Shawna Upton

Last week, MASSPIRG at UMass Boston hosted a Transit Table in protest of the proposed plans to the $160 million budget deficit of Boston's public transit system, the T. The proposed solutions to the debt crisis would raise fares by up to 40% and include dramatic service cuts. MASSPIRG students tabled over 30 photo petitions and 70 personal stories about how cuts and fare increases would affect students' lives. At the end of the month, MASSPIRG is presenting the stories and photo petitions as public testimony to transit officials.

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Report | Transit

The Right Track

America’s highways and airports are increasingly congested. Our nation’s transportation system remains dependent on oil. And our existing transportation infrastructure is inadequate to the demands of the 21st century. The United States should build an efficient and fast passenger rail network, with high-speed rail as a central component, to help address the nation’s transportation challenges in the 21st century.

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Report | Transit

Road Work Ahead

To fix our roads and bridges, America first must fix our transportation policies. To counteract the tendencies to neglect repair and maintenance, we must adopt strong “fix-it first” rules that give priority to maintenance of our existing roads and bridges, set national goals for the condition of our transportation system, and hold state governments accountable for achieving results.

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Report | Transit

A Track Record of Success

As America moves toward construction of new high-speed rail networks in regions throughout the country, we have much to learn from experiences abroad. High-speed rail lines have operated for more than 45 years in Japan and for three decades in Europe, providing a wealth of information about what the United States can expect from high-speed rail and how we can receive the greatest possible benefits from our investment.

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